In 1947 the Pellini’s brothers Carlo, Danilo, Renzo and Federico took on a new adventure in the coffee market. They placed a roaster in the back of their little shop in the beautiful center of Verona, Italy and set about producing only the finest coffee.

The business gained popularity and has grown to be the 5th largest coffee producer in Italy. Their constant growth has helped the company become an integral part of the Italian coffee roasting industry over the years. The quality and great tasting products have positioned the Pellini brand at the top of the Italian market in terms of both customer loyalty and brand recognition.  The Pellini brands commitment to quality control has ensured that only the best coffee is produced and distributed.

Pellini puts all of its experience into every coffee product it makes and is committed to bringing authentic coffee culture to homes and cafes in over 30 different countries around the world, making every coffee break a “Pellini” moment.

Quality and authenticity are at the core of every Pellini product.

The Pellini award winning unique and unmistakable aroma can be attributed to its coffee making process.

The Pellini coffee making process begins with a qualified and experienced team of experts who hand select the best Arabica beans in the world using the constant sensory product analysis method and Panel Test (Pellini is one of the first Italian coffee producers to implement this scientific sensorial analysis method as part of its quality control system).

In 2015 Pellini is pleased to present the new range of capsules compatible with Nespresso machine and to announce that all their products re certified Kosher.