Do green coffee beans help you loose weight?

This has become a very popular question that women have been asking for a long time. Let me help you get a clear understanding about this topic.

What is Green Coffee Bean?

Green Coffee Beans


Green coffee beans are simply “not roasted yet” coffee beans. The roasting process not only turns green coffee beans into a darker color but also separates a compound named chlorogenic acid. It’s this chlorogenic acid found at the center of the green coffee bean which claims the weight loss properties. Roasted coffee beans have very little chlorogenic acid and it is the chlorogenic acid which has the antioxidant properties. Caffeine also plays a small role in the weight loss scenario. Although there is not enough evidence yet to prove that caffeine helps to loose weight but it definitely helps in reducing the desire to eat and with calorie burning.

According to the Autoimmunity Study Institute foods that naturally contain chlorogenic acid are listed below:





Sunflower seeds

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